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Grief and Loss

We all experience grief at some point in our lives.  Whether it is the end of a relationship, a death loss, career change, relocation, or life transition, grief affects us all.  Grief is more than a five-stage experience; it is a life-long journey. There is no right way to grieve, and no timeline for it.  I enjoy working with grieving clients and giving them hope along this journey. I have extensive experience working with grieving children and adults in my previous work at The WARM Place, leading retreats for parents after the death of children to suicide through A Memory Grows, and helping women struggling with miscarriage and infant loss through Gathering Hope.  My goal is that no one feels alone in grief. 

What Others Say...

"Let us hold fast to the confession of our HOPE without wavering, for God who has promised is faithful." - Hebrews 10:22

Phone: 817-458-2482
Fax: 817-609-4545

134 El Chico Trail Unit 105 Willow Park TX 76087