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What to Expect in Counseling

Before our first session, I will email you a link to complete your paperwork online in the therapy portal. If you want to use your insurance, please call and verify your insurance benefits before our first meeting. ‌In your first sessions, we will review your paperwork, answer any questions you may have, work together to set your initial goals, and agree on a treatment plan.

Some of the experiences I have helped women process during counseling include:

  • infertility
  • miscarriage
  • infant loss
  • child loss
  • postpartum depression
  • postpartum anxiety
  • difficult family relationships
  • mom guilt
  • finding a work/life balance
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • defining boundaries
  • assertiveness
  • infidelity
  • post-abortion grief
  • suicidal ideation
  • loss of a child by suicide
  • death of a spouse
  • divorce or separation
  • parenting
  • life transitions
  • loneliness

In our counseling sessions, I hope you will find a comfortable and confidential space where you feel safe sharing your story.  Many women share things with me they have never shared with anyone else.

You are the expert of your story, and you are in control of what comes next. I will ask questions to help clarify your thoughts and feelings, and I will offer possible suggestions for how to move forward. I have lots of education and tools to offer you, but you are in charge of your story.

Together we will find your strengths and create a plan for small steps you can make towards change. I hope you will feel accepted in the present and challenged to move forward in hope.

I prefer to meet weekly with clients if their schedules allow it. After we have met and established your goals, we can discuss what works best for you.

I often offer suggestions for homework to complete outside of our session times. This can help facilitate change and give you a new perspective. Examples of homework include journaling, worksheets, self-care activities, or listening to a book or podcast. You can decide whether you want to complete the homework or not.

Please email or call me today. I would love to offer you hope and healing. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

What Others Say...

"Let us hold fast to the confession of our HOPE without wavering, for God who has promised is faithful." - Hebrews 10:22

Phone: 817-458-2482
Fax: 817-609-4545

134 El Chico Trail, Suite 105, Willow Park, Texas 76087